A ringside seat to the making of a great graphic novel

Reliable word has it that this

The From Hell Companion, by Moore & Campbell

—this splendid thing has just seen the daylight. Out this week, word is! I trust the word. (Amazon pegs it as a May 28 release, but it looks as if comic book shops have it this week.)

The From Hell Companion is Eddie Campbell’s personal archaeology of that mad and seminal graphic novel project, for my money the great Alan Moore graphic novel, the real benchmark. It’s 288 pages of comics history and comics process, hosted, framed and explained by one of the sharpest minds in the comics world. Campbell, artist and co-creator of From Hell, delivers a long-delayed and very revealing postmortem (ahem) on that most magisterial and frightening of comics, one he lived with and labored over for a long time.

In other words, the Companion offers swaths of Moore’s script, loads of visual reference, and a wealth of scene-setting biographical and cultural context by the guy who spent nearly a decade bringing Moore’s grand narrative architecture to visual life—that is, the brave, crazed cartoonist who took Moore’s pages and turned them into pages.

Forgive the preening, but this Companion has a foreword written by my esteemed friend and colleague Craig Fischer and myself:

The From Hell Companion's title page

So, I guess I’ve got a dog in this race. It’s an honor!

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